Rainy Weather Simulation Activity for Toddlers

Rainy Weather Simulation Activity for Toddlers

Rainy Weather Simulation Activity for Toddlers

At Creative Spaces Preschool, they did a fun activity to help teach the children about rainy weather! The kids filled the top of a cup with shaving cream and then put droplets of dark blue water on top. As the shaving cream grew heavy with the water it began to, "Rain," just like how when clouds are full of water they release it as rain too!

Materials needed to do this simulation

To do the simulation you will need the following:

*Two plastic cups

*Blue food coloring

*Shaving cream


*Water dropper

How to do the rainy weather simulation

To do this simulation activity follow these steps:

1. Take one plastic cup and fill it with water.

2. Put blue food coloring in your cup filled with water.

3. Put shaving cream at the top of your other cup.

4. Use your water dropper to drip water on top of the shaving cream.

5. Watch as the shaving cream starts to turn dark blue and drip the water.

6. Clean-up everything when done!

Source for photos: Creative Spaces Preschool

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Rainy Weather Simulation Activity for Toddlers
October 13, 2020
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