Drawing and Painting Rainbows on a Rainy Day

Drawing and Painting Rainbows on a Rainy Day

Drawing and Painting Rainbows on a Rainy Day

It was too rainy to go outside at Mirna's Family Childcare, so they learned about rainbows and then drew and painted them!

Individual rainbow fun

We recently wrote about a collaborative rainbow painting activity, but this one can be done alone by students. As with the other rainbow activity, the kiddos learned about ROYGBIV, which is a representation of the colors of the rainbow.

Bright and lovely rainbows

The students were excited to make their own rainbows and couldn't wait to show them off when done. It was a great STEAM activity discussing how storms work, why rainbows form (they are beams of light separating in the water vapor, and then watching as the students all made their own rainbows.

Source for photos: Mirna's Family Childcare

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Drawing and Painting Rainbows on a Rainy Day
May 10, 2021
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