Doing Various Fun Activities on a Rainy Day

Doing Various Fun Activities on a Rainy Day

Doing Various Fun Activities on a Rainy Day

At Cadence Academy Preschool, Main Street, they did a variety of fun activities on a rainy day so that everyone was entertained!

Pull tubes

The children loved doing the pull tubes and hearing the sounds they made as pulled and pushed back together.

Marble maze

Some students sat and solved marble maze puzzles.

Magnet fun

There were kiddos who played in the corner with a bunch of magnets!

Dry erase marker drawing

The little ones drew with dry erase markers and would erase what they wanted as they drew.

Toy flowers

Kiddos assembled toy flowers that looked beautiful too! I was a geat day of indoor fun.

Source for photos: Cadence Academy Preschool, Main Street

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Doing Various Fun Activities on a Rainy Day
October 27, 2021
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