"C is For...," Craft Activities

"C is For...," Craft Activities

"C is For...," Craft Activities

The letter C can stand for many things, and this craft activity keeps that in mind! 

First is shows students how C can stand for crab, and then encourages them to make their own idea of what the letter C can represent from a blank template. Here is how to do these craft activities.

C is for Crab Template

The first activity that helps students get an idea of how to do the next one is to make a crab out of the letter C itself. You can print-out the template, then cut the pieces out with scissors and glue or tape them together. Then, talk with students about C is for Crab, but the letter C can stand for many things that students can also make a fun design out of using the letter C!

C is For Lots of Things!

Print out the blank template of the letter C and ask students to think of something the letter C starts with. Once they have some ideas, encourage them to make their own design out of the letter C itself that features their idea!

To help inspire them you can show them these other great things C can stand for that the following daycare and preschool locations did:

  • At Karla's Daycare C stood for cloud.
  • Immanuel Preschool and Kindergarten used the letter C for caterpillar
  • Little Miracles Daycare had C stand for cat.
  • For Kids Only Academy talked about how C can stand for cookies.

You students are only limited by their imaginations and whatever craft supplies you have available! They can make a design using the letter C out of anything from cows to cars, castles to carrots, cupcakes to crowns, corn to chicken, and so much more!

C is for.  

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"C is For...," Craft Activities
September 24, 2019
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