Letter C Worksheets

Letter C Worksheets

Letter C Worksheets

The letter C is the third letter of the alphabet and is used in all kinds of words that are important to learn. These worksheets feature the letter C used in all kinds of ways with its various pronunciations to help with how the letter C can be said.

Letter C Tracing Worksheet

This worksheet has students practice tracing the letter C in both uppercase and lowercase form, then they trace words that start with C at the bottom. After they are done tracing they can color everything in as well!

Letter C Tracing Worksheet

C Word Pronunciations

This worksheet has a number of words that start with the letter C pronounced various ways with these worksheets having the letter C pronounced with a hard-C.

Letter C Worksheets

Help the Mouse Find the Cheese

The mouse needs help finding his way to his cheese! Have students assist him in finding his way through the maze so that he can enjoy his cheese.

See and Stamp

For this worksheet students need to locate the letter C and, "Stamp," it with their markers. This worksheet helps students find the letter C in various fonts.

C is for Caterpillar

Have students trace how, "C is for caterpillar," and then make a rainbow out of the caterpillar's body! This activity is great for learning about rainbows and with their spelling.

C is for Caterpillar

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Letter C Worksheets
September 23, 2019
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