Worksheets About the Letter Z

Worksheets About the Letter Z

Letter Z Worksheets

These worksheets are all about the letter Z and are great to do with young children who are learning about the last letter of the alphabet!

Zoo Worksheet

On this worksheet, there are zoo animals as well as the word, "Zoo." The letters that spell Zoo should be colored in red, but the animals can be colored any color desired! Then, at the bottom of the worksheet, the letter Z can be traced a number of times as well.

Zoom Worksheet

Some of the objects and animals are shaped to look like the letter Z on this worksheet! Children can color in the parts that look like the letter Z and then write the total number they count in the microscope at the bottom of the worksheet.

Find Z Worksheet

The letter Z is hidden a number of times in this worksheet. Have your children find and color it in!

Write the Letter Z

Have your child practice writing the letter Z at the start of each word. Once they see what the words are with the letter written, they can cut and paste the pictures that match with each word!

Zebra Worksheet

For this worksheet, the letter Z is among other letters. Have your child color in the letter Z where they see it and then trace the stripes of the zebra at the bottom. To finish the worksheet, they can color-in the Zebra with black or any color they like!

Letter Z Puzzle

This puzzle shaped like the letter Z can be cut-up and then solved by your children! There is a black-and-white version that can be colored-in for additional fun as well.

How to Download the Files

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Worksheets About the Letter Z
April 9, 2020
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