Learning All About the Letter I

Learning All About the Letter I

Learning All About the Letter I

At The Learning Center Preschool, they had a great time getting educated about the letter I! When it is capitalized it can look like a single line or have edges. When it is lowercase it usually is a little line with a dot above it. The children were told about the letter I can be used to make, "I," statements about themselves and is not to be confused with the word, "Eye," which sounds the same but is spelled differently! One class then made a letter I out of blocks as can be seen above and other students made their own versions of the letter in other ways!

All about I

Some of the kiddos made the letter I out of their veggie straws! They practiced making it the capitalized version as well as the lowercase. It was so fun for everyone discussing and then drawing the letter I! It was such a great letter to learn!

Source for photos: The Learning Center Preschool

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Learning All About the Letter I
January 17, 2021
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