Learning About the Letter J

Learning About the Letter J

Learning About the Letter J

At Little Friends Preschool they discussed how during the Christmas season the holiday celebrates Jesus. Jesus' name starts with a, "J," and in honor of this, they did a variety of projects all about the letter J which the students enjoyed!

J stands for jaguar

The students talked about how the big cat known as the jaguar has a name that starts with, "J." They then drew their own jaguars!

J stands for jellybeans

The kiddos also learned how jellybean starts with a, "J." They then did a fun matching activity where they put matching colors of jellybeans on a paper with pictures of them in various colors. After the children matched all the jellybeans they got to eat them too! Learning about the letter J was so much fun!

Source for photos: Little Friends Preschool

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Learning About the Letter J
December 22, 2020
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