Alphabet Soup Letter-Learning Activity

Alphabet Soup Letter-Learning Activity

Alphabet Soup Letter-Learning Activity

At A Better Choice Preschool, they did an activity called, "Alphabet soup." This wasn't a soup that anyone ate, however, it was an activity designed to combine letter and number recognition while students use their fine motor skills! Kids use their spoon to stir up and then find a letter, number, or even the color that is called by a teacher.

Materials needed for this activity

To do this activity you need the following:

*Foam letters like the kind found at the dollar store

*A plastic tub


*A large spoon/ladle

How to do this activity

To do the alphabet soup activity follow these steps:

1. Dump the foam letters and numbers into the plastic tub and then fill itwith water.

2. Give a child the spoon/ladle.

3. Start calling out letters, numbers, or colors that correspond to the, "Soup," and have students scoop them up with their spoon!

Source for photos: A Better Choice Preschool

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Alphabet Soup Letter-Learning Activity
May 4, 2021
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