Alphabet-Shaped Letter Puzzles Bundle (A-D)

Alphabet-Shaped Letter Puzzles Bundle (A-D)

Alphabet-Shaped Letter Puzzles Bundle (A-D)

These puzzles feature letters with different words that start with that letter. To assemble the puzzle, children need to put the pieces in the shape of the letter itself! This is a very clever way to familiarize children with the way the letters of the alphabet are shaped while they learn various words that start with the assorted letters! These puzzles can all be laminated so they are then easy to handle and sort.

Letter A puzzle

Images: apricot, alligator, apple, ant, aircraft

The letter A is below with various words that start with A.

Letter B puzzle

Images: banana, bear, backpack, boots, ball

The letter B is below with various words that start with B.

Letter C puzzle

Images: cherry, car, cheese, calculator, chair

The letter C is below with various words that start with C.

Letter D puzzle

Images: dress, donut, drum, dog, dinosaur

The letter D is below with various words that start with D.

How to download and print pictures

You can download these Letter Puzzles our website without having to pay anything simply by adding a post of your own with photos of the activities you did with your children. For more details on kinds of posts to add, click here.

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Alphabet-Shaped Letter Puzzles Bundle (A-D)
November 25, 2020
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