Snowflake Catchers and Puzzles

Shelly Rollins
Snowflake Catchers and Puzzles

Snowflake Catchers and PuzzlesGetting ready to learn about snowflakes with snowflake catchers and puzzles. Snow's coming this weekend, fun time to observe it!We will be using snowflake puzzles as we wait for participants to arrive. Snow study booklets will be brought on our hike, once the booklet is cold snowflakes won't melt on the felt and we can observe the snowflakes close up with magnifying lenses. small bits of snow can be dusted on the black felt if it is not actively snowing. Booklets show 35 common types of snowflakes. Hot cocoa with marshmallows modeled into snowflakes will end our lesson!

Snowflake Catchers and Puzzles
February 7, 2020
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