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Color tongs, Mushroom-shaped house

Hyunjung Kim
Color tongs, Mushroom-shaped house

Color tongs, Mushroom-shaped house

This is a color tongs. I put red, orange, yellow, green, and blue on the tongs in a circle.

You can make tongs of various colors and teach children how to recognize colors.

You can also pick out the tongs of the color that the teacher tells the children.

You can also use a card with several colors to insert color tongs in the same order as the card.

You can also make two sets of colored tongs and play a game that children make exactly like colored cards.

This is a mushroom-shaped house.

The roofs are in different colors, so I use them in class to recognize colors.

Also, the mushroom house made it possible to open and close the door.

You can hide something in a mushroom-shaped house, knock on the door, open it, and then guess what's in it, or who's in the mushroom house.

You can also play hide-and-seek games where you hide what you want and guess where it is.

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Color tongs, Mushroom-shaped house
September 13, 2022
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