Mushroom Counting Puzzle Cards (1-10)

Mushroom Counting Puzzle Cards (1-10)

Mushroom Counting Puzzle Cards (1-10)

Autumn can be quite humid and has lots of foliage breaking down. This can result in mushrooms. That makes the Fall a wonderful time to learn about fungi. That said, mushrooms are so interesting that we can learn about them the whole year-round if we want, even if they are especially notable during the Fall season.

This lovely set of cards will be a perfect addition to your math area or math shelves. These cards also train the child’s observational skills. They have children count the total number of mushrooms pictured and then match the card with the correct number symbol to that group of mushrooms. There are a total of 1-10 mushrooms for the lowest and highest number of these mushroom counting cards, as well as all the numbers in between. Children will have fun discussing mushrooms and then counting them up!

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Mushroom Counting Puzzle Cards (1-10)
September 12, 2020
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