Play Basic Simple Puzzle

Belinda Ernestiana
Play Basic Simple Puzzle

Hello everyone. I want to sharing my experience with my private student as a private teacher. This time in this photo, I let my private student to play this basic simple puzzle. I have choose puzzle that are very basic, so it will be easy for them to learn puzzle for the first time and I choose many puzzles from many categories, example transports, fruits, animals, vegetables, etc. They can learn the name of fruits, transportations, vegetables, and animals. This activity can make children improve their logic skill because they should know what's the next matching puzzle and they will improve their motoric and sensory skills. I want they can think from looking the same picture that was given in the top of the board puzzle, which is small picture. From did that activity, my private students are so happy, because they can learn and improve their skills while they can play games. I hope all of you as a reader can get benefits from read my experience story. Thank you.

Play Basic Simple Puzzle
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Play Basic Simple Puzzle
March 22, 2023
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