A fun way to learn numbers with a PUZZLE

Lacey Clements
A fun way to learn numbers with a PUZZLE

A fun way to learn numbers with a PUZZLE

My daughter is learning her numbers so this was a fun way to do it. She is a little over 2 yrs old now. She really likes puppy dogs and kitty cats. So I was able to print this puzzle and for her to do a quick activity while learning. I cut out the puzzle pieces with each number piece. Then I placed them in front of her on the table all scattered around. It was then her job to find the numbers and place them in order. I took a plain piece of paper for her to glue the pieces down, so they would not move around. I would ask her to find number 1 and she would pick it out and we would glue it onto the paper. We did this for each number. The end result makes a picture. The picture only had numbers 1-5. However there are many other puzzles that have more pieces with more numbers. We chose this one. It is cute and a fun way to learn the numbers and what order they should go.

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A fun way to learn numbers with a PUZZLE
March 12, 2021
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