M is For Mushroom

Angie Dubaele
M is For Mushroom

M is For Mushroom

Here's a free printable. The theme is mushroom! Enjoy!

For this lesson, this my kindergarten class we were studying the seasons. To learn more about fall, we talked about mushrooms.

Firstly you have a tracing activity. You have to trace the letter M.

Then write the full word: MUSHROOM.

This is good for students who are learning how to write.

After this you have a little drawing activity: Draw the other half of the Mushroom.

By coping and mirroring the image, the students use their drawing skills and also their imagination to finish the picture.

The last activity is: Draw the vegetable to finish the pattern.

In this activity, students have to study the pattern of the vegetable and draw the missing one.

This is a great problem solving activity and also a good way to see how kids can interpret a drawing.

That is all for this quick, No-prep printable.

Hope your enjoy it.

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M is For Mushroom
July 1, 2022
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