DIY 3D Origami House

DIY 3D Origami House

DIY 3D Origami HouseHow to plan activities with your kids during this COVID 19 outbreak? Always limit their screen time, find some useful activities for them. Today, let's make an easy DIY house with your kids.Things to prepare:- Recycled box (Small)- Artpaper - Use paint or crayon to color the roof, chimney, window and door- Felt paper or color paper to wrap the recycled box- Paint / Crayon- Glue and scissors Firstly, wrap the box nicely with either felt or color paper. Cut out a big rectangle (form the roof) and a small rectangle (form the door) with 3 square window using art paper, then paint them. After painting them, glue them based on the diagram shown.Done! 

DIY 3D Origami House
April 18, 2020
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