Working on Floor Puzzles

Working on Floor Puzzles

Working on Floor Puzzles

My class loves to do floor puzzles. This particular puzzle is from the story "Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?" I have 10 children in my class. I normally have 2 big floor puzzles out. I let the children choose which floor puzzles they want to do. I love doing this because it teaches them to (1) work with everyone in the class, (2) share with their friends, and (3) interact with classmates other than the ones they normally play with. When they complete a floor puzzle, they are so proud of themselves. I had a parent ask me if I help them get started on the floor puzzles. I told the parent that the children do not want me to help them because they are "big boys and big girls." I do have two rules when they work on floor puzzles: (1) You cannot tell someone that they cannot help and (2) You have to share the puzzles pieces with everyone working on it.

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Working on Floor Puzzles
February 9, 2022
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