Working on Shapes recognize

Victoria R Montgomery
Working on Shapes recognize

Working on Shapes recognize

We was working on matching shapes and color. Children was able to match the shape and tell me what shape it was and the color of the shape that they match together. This was and good activity of recognize shape as will as color. A good way to introduce shapes and colors to your students that are having problems. My students really enjoyed doing this activity. This is good for pre-k students and will help for kindergarten. Very easy to do just cut and glue them to paper. You want to make it fun for them so they will be excess to want to do the activity with out feeling like it hard to do. You can do other activity the same way to help them learn all most any thing. I'm happy to share my ideas with you as will as learning some of your ideas. To help make it easy for my students to learn having fun will doing it. This will be a good link were other teacher can help each other out.

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Working on Shapes recognize
February 16, 2021
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