Learning shapes

Learning shapes

I want to make the connection with my preschoolers and the shapes of things they see everyday. Children don't realize that everyday they come see and touch so many different shapes throughout their day. I recently did a lesson on all about me. I introduced face play dough mats. Students told me the shape of the face, then they had to tell me what was missing on the face. Students told me the face needed eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, and eyebrows. Students used their own play dough to create what was needed on their face. The students had fun with this exercise. They became creative and silly. I would now love to make the connection with many things that the children see everyday. Shapes will show students that things they eat are shapes. for example: an ice cream cone has the shapes of a circle and a triangle. A slice of pizza is a triangle. I would like to shoe how many shapes could be found connected to the outside of their house.

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Learning shapes
October 17, 2020
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