Letter A Word Worksheets

Letter A Word Worksheets

Letter A Word Worksheets

If you Kindergarten is learning letters of the alphabet then often the letter A is one of the first discussed.

These worksheets feature words with heavy use of the letter A and are full of fun activities!

Letter A.  Aliens Word Search Worksheet

Students need to find the scattered letters that make up the word, "Aliens." They cut them out and then paste there in the correct place.

Aliens Worksheet

Letter A. Alligator Coloring

The letters of the word alligator are spread around and need to be colored-in.

Alligator Worksheet

Letter A Worksheet. Ambulance Drive

Have the Kindergarten students draw a line to fill-in the word, "Ambulance," and then when done practice tracing the letter, "A," and its lowercase form, "a," at the bottom of the worksheet.

Ambulance Worksheet

Letter A. Anteater Counting Worksheet

The hungry anteater needs to match the numbers to the correct amount pictured. Once the students help with that they can trace the word, "Anteater," at the bottom!

Anteater Worksheet

Letter A. Apple Search Worksheet

The letters that spell-out the word, "Apple," are among a bunch of extra letters on the tree branch. Have students circle the correct letters and then practice tracing the word, "Apple,"

Apple tree Worksheet

Letter A Worksheet. Astronaut Flight

The explorer's space-ship needs to have a line drawn to the correct order of planets to spell, "Astronaut." Then, have Kindergarten students trace the letters to finish their worksheet!

Astronaut Worksheet

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Letter A Word Worksheets
September 21, 2019
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