Secret word under shapes

Tiia Vaht
Secret word under shapes

Secret word under shapes

That was mainly outside activity. The aim was to get the children interested in the letters and reading and to repeat the shapes. Movement-related learning games suitable for our group. I had printed shapes that we had learned with children before. I chose the appropriate letter for each shape.

Before the study, I took the printed materials to the park and selected suitable trees to tie them to.

The printed different shapes were tied to the trees with ribbon. On the other side of each image page was a letter that formed the name of the group.

The stars were hidden on the back of the figures. Our group name is TÄHEKE (in Estonian means the star).

The children overwrote the letters in the group room.

The next evening, the children painted the star-tree leaves.

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Secret word under shapes
March 31, 2021
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