Door Decoration Ideas for January

Door Decoration Ideas for January

Door Decoration Ideas for January

At St. James Preschool, they had the classrooms decorate their doors in all kinds of fun ways for January! Give their creations a look and you might find yourself inspired for a cool way to decorate your own door.

Name snowmen

One class had the students made snowmen crafts out of their names, giving each letter a piece of the snowman's body!

Hats off to 2021

For this classroom, the kids made their own winter hats out of craft supplies to showcase on the door.


This room had penguins with little red happy hearts as the door decor!

Unique snowmen and snowwomen

The last class had the students made their own snowmen and snowwomen, showing how we are all unique! All the decorations were January were fantastic!

Source for photos: Saint James Preschool

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Door Decoration Ideas for January
January 22, 2021
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