Color Sorting and Fruit Recognition

Color Sorting and Fruit Recognition

Color Sorting and Fruit RecognitionMost adults say being with kids is hard work, but I personally don't think it necessarily had to be. There are many ways you can teach them how to be creative and learn through simple play.Below is one the most simple activity that you may perform with your kids during this lockdown period.First, prepare few colored paper and fruits / vegetables / toys that match the color.Always start with fruits or vegetables or even toys that your child familiarise with.Depends on their age, if older child, you may ask them to name the object while placing those objects on the provided paper color.Place the object on a basket, allow your child to pick one by one and place them on the provided color paper. This is one way for them to learn colors.

Color Sorting and Fruit Recognition
April 5, 2020
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