Marshmallow Constellation Activity

.Ava Jones
Marshmallow Constellation Activity

Marshmallow Constellation Activity

Using pretzel sticks and marshmallows, learn how to build the same constellations you see in the night sky.

At U are U Preschool they used marshmallows and pretzel sticks to build constellations just like you see with the stars in the night sky! This activity is a fun way to learn about the stars and how to identify constellations. Plus, once the students are done they can eat everything as a delicious snack!

Constellation Templates For Kids

How To Make Marshmallow Constellation

Choose a constellation to make, in the pictures shown the class chose to make the Big Dipper (also known as Ursa Major).

Start building your constellation by having the marshmallows represent the stars and the pretzel sticks the ways to connect them.

As the pretzels and marshmallows are connected the constellation will take shape!

Feel free to add-on other decorations for fun, like extra marshmallows around the constellation to make it look like a busy night sky

One fun fact to share with your students is how the idea of constellations come about when you, "Connect the dots," between groups of stars to make patterns and shapes. By linking these dots with imaginary lines you make the mental image of people and animals. Ask your students what kind of constellations they would like to make animals or shapes out of!

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Marshmallow Constellation Activity
September 23, 2019
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