Marshmallow Edible Slime

Marshmallow Edible Slime

Marshmallow Edible SlimeWe made edible slimes at our ESL school in Brazil. The kids learned some cooking vocabulary and put their hands to work. Super fun!First we presented the concept of slimes (that all kids know nowadays) and listed the common ingredients that they use to make at home.They knew that the common slime is not edible and were really curious about the ingredients they were going to use to make one they could eat.This slime is basically marshmallow and corn flour. We heated the marshmallow in small portions in the microwave and gave to them knead with a spoon of corn flower. After the "dough" is not too sticky anymore, it's done! They could play or. eat. And that's what they did! 

Marshmallow Edible Slime
January 26, 2020
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