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Counting activity worksheet. Number 8

Counting activity worksheet. Number 8

Here's a fun activity to teach kids all about number 8.

This activity is perfect for young learners who are learning about numbers and counting. To begin, students will first trace the number 8 on a laminated sheet, allowing them to practice their handwriting skills while also familiarizing themselves with the shape of the number. Next, they will use playdough to create a tree and place 8 apples on its branches, representing the number 8.

This hands-on approach to learning will engage children and make the lesson more interactive and fun. To continue practicing counting and recognizing the number 8, students will collect 8 rocks or any other small objects and place them inside a table.

This activity allows for multiple ways of learning, such as visual and tactile, making it accessible for different learning styles. By the end of this activity, children will have a better understanding of the number 8 and be able to recognize it in different contexts.

All you need for this engaging activity is a laminated sheet, playdough, and some rocks or other materials for counting, making it easy to do at home or in the classroom. Overall, this activity is a great way to make learning about numbers and counting more enjoyable for kids.

Counting activity worksheet. Number 8

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Counting activity worksheet. Number 8
January 27, 2024
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