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Number Bonds Activity (up to 15)

Number Bonds Activity (up to 15)

Number Bonds Activity (up to 15)

In this semester, the K1 children are learning about number bonds up to 15. Number bond is a simple addition of two numbers that add up to give the sum. This number bonds activity helps to teach children about addition and subtraction. Children are being introduced to number bonds through the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract Approach. They are given concrete materials which are the stars to learn the different ways that fifteen can be made. For example, 5 and 10 make 15, 9 and 6 make 15. With this activity, children will work out ways to break numbers into two groups.

To further enhance the concept, children were given a number bond (15) activity to practice the concept taught in school with their parents at home.

By using number bonds, children can instantly tell the answer without the need for the actual calculation.

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Number Bonds Activity (up to 15)
December 13, 2022
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