"We already know the number eight"

"We already know the number eight"

Hi, there! I am teacher in kindergarten. I use these photos as material on the topic "Тhe number eight".

"We already know the number eight"

This photo I use for the beginning of the lesson. As you can see there is a train with eight wagons in different colors and numbers from one to eight. On some of them numbers are missing. The point of the task is children to guess which numbers are missings. And we can start like that: "Children, today we have a guest in the kindergarten who needs our help. This train cannot leave on time because there is a problem. All passengers are wondering what the problem is. However, we will help them. Let's take a closer look at the train, do you notice what the damage might be?" You can use help questions to the children if they have difficulty.

On these two photos you can see market for fruits and vegetables. You can start like that: "Today I have prepared for you a stall with fruits and vegetables. Look at the magnetic board and see what groups of pictures are there, but with different numbers. You will count and put the number of the corresponding number next to the group. Let's see what our friends bought and how many. Who wants to go out and count the first group? Let the others see if their friend is doing right.

The teacher asks the following sample questions for each group:

How many cherries did Jack buy? And how many strawberries? And how much fruit did Jack buy?"

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"We already know the number eight"
January 12, 2022
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