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Dinosaur egg hunting role play

Dan Liu
Dinosaur egg hunting role play

Dinosaur egg hunting role play


1. Transform our outdoor play area into

the jungle where the dinosaurs lived.

2. Students will choose their own

dinosaur head band as pictures


3. Teacher will teach children the name

of the dinosaurs they choose by the

dinosaur vocabulary cards.

4. 2 students will be chosen or volunteer

to be paleontologists and will lead

two groups of dinosaur moms to look

for their eggs.

5. Each group students will get a buckets and shovels. They will look for their own eggs in

the jungle. When they find one egg, they need the paleontologist to help them recognize

whether this egg belongs to them. If not, they need to return it back.

6. After digging all eggs, they will sit together and let teachers to check whether all eggs

belong to them.

7. Then finally their babies will come out from the eggs.

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Dinosaur egg hunting role play
May 26, 2024
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