DIY Hairdresser

Queenie lee
DIY Hairdresser

DIY Hairdresser

Please prepare:

● A drawing paper

● Shredded paper or

newspaper or

recycled paper

● Glue

● Scissors


1. First, please draw circles on drawing paper. Then invite your child to draw the

faces by themselves.

2. Next, glue shredded packing materials or strips of newspaper for the people in

order to create funky hair, desperately in need of a trim.

3. After the glue has dried, invite your child to give them haircuts.

Here is my student for the Home based activity. The theme of the activity is Community Helper, and she chosen the role of a Hairdresser. She drew a people without hair, and paste the hair with shredded papers and try to cut the hair as a Hairdresser.

Extension Activity

You can invite your child to create their own hair salon or barbershop. You can ask them to write the signboard and to set up by preparing the things themselves. (a comb, hair clips, bottle spray, hairdryer, a blanket, etc - for pretend play).

DIY Hairdresser
January 10, 2021
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