DIY sock puppet

DIY sock puppet

DIY sock puppet

We’re making sock puppets! Puppets are a great way to communicate with little ones – they often can get a message across to kids much more effectively than us grown ups. And they are super cute! We made a bunch of fun sock puppets to play with and we’ll take you through the steps of how to make our dragon puppet and then you can make your own puppet too!

The following steps are to make our friendly dragon puppet, but you can use what you learn here to make a fun puppet design of your very own!

A sock – we used a colorful sock made from chenille.

Cardboard – the cardboard from cereal or cracker boxes is great.

Hot glue gun & glue

Googly eyes

Felt – a few different colors used for the mouth, teeth, and spine.

Pom poms – used for eyes and nostrils.


Tissue – used as stuffing for the nose.

Paper cup – this is to display your beautiful puppet once you’re done!

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DIY sock puppet
July 3, 2023
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