Family Finger Puppet

Sandie da Costa
Family Finger Puppet

Learn about Family is so much fun by singing and using Family Finger Puppets.

My students love to sing and play with it. After that, we bring our family picture and make our own Family Tree. They asked for their parents help them know the history of their family. They shared lots of stories with their mommy and daddy, for example how did their mom fall in love so that they (parents) have them (my students). We cas a teacher can see how deep is their realtionship with their mom and dad.

The next day, we publish our Family Tree Project in front of class and we as a teacher asked them one by one whose are the pictures there and what's their name. The class run well and excited. We also had a drawing time and creating our family model using play dough. We were having lots of fun that day, we could share our beautiful stories and communicate well.

Family Finger Puppet
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Family Finger Puppet
June 26, 2021
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