Virtual fruit and veg bingo with family

Jayne Evans
Virtual fruit and veg bingo with family

Laminated the bingo sheets and sent two cards each to the family in the post. Played over zoom and I called out the pictures. Played with granny and the grandchildren which was suitable and fun for all the family. Covered the pictures with counters and had great fun.

The grandchildren learnt new words in their vocabulary for the fruit and veg and this activity supported attention and listening skills. Visual skills and executive functioning skills. Pictures are strong and identifiable for the young and old alike. Children need activities to support them to hold information to carry out a next step or action. Eg memory games, shopping and Finding objects. Using the games as matching lotto, Fishing or as a game of snap (cutting the cards up) game are also another way to play using the pictures.

Also sequencing the pictures copying patterns and counting are also another way of using the pictures

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Virtual fruit and veg bingo with family
October 25, 2020
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