Fruit and Veggie Bingo Game with FREE Bingo Cards

Sara Smith
Fruit and Veggie Bingo Game with FREE Bingo Cards

The kind of Bingo games that grown-ups play can be way too complicated for preschool students or those in kindergarten. Matching a number to a letter is tricky if you don't know even know all your letters or numbers, after all! That's why this beginner Bingo game is great for kids--it substitutes pictures of food kids know for the letters and numbers! By having things like apples, broccoli, nuts, or other healthy foods the students can learn about nutritious foods while having fun.

Bingo in the Learning Center for preschoolers

Teacher from the  Building Blocks Learning Center in Medford, Oregon  leading the students in the beginner Bingo game. She is shows random cards of the foods and each student is putting a little colorful chip on any picture that gets called and corresponds to their board. It is fun and requires close attention to make sure that a child who sees they've won quickly yells, "Bingo!"

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Building Blocks Learning Center
Medford, Oregon 

Bingo Games for Preschool and Early Childhood

How To Play

Before playing the game must be prepared. Print a copy of the template that will cut-up into little individual cards. Then the other template will be large cards that have random orders of the fruits, veggies, and nuts that students will use for the Bingo game. The teacher will put their cards aside in a random order and the students will take their large Bingo cards - 2 to 10 kids can play the game. Also, something needs to be used as, “Chips”, to put on the bingo board, and it can be anything from pieces of scrap paper to little pieces of candy the kids are allowed to eat in between games as a treat. One everything is ready, the game will begin.

The teacher will show a random card and then call-out what the fruit, veggie, or nut is - they also can ask students to help say what it is too! As these cards are drawn the kids can place there, “Chip”, on their bingo board anytime one of their fruits, veggies, or nuts are called. This will help the preschool and kindergarten students to learn the names of various foods while also working hard to pay close attention to the game. Once a student has all the fields filled-up on their bingo board (AKA a, “Blackout”) they win and can yell, “Bingo!”

Free Printable Bingo Cards for Kids

You can download the free template right below and start playing this beginner Bingo game with your preschooler or kindergarten student! Whether it is a small group of kids or a full classroom it is certain to be fun--especially when the winner gets to yell, “Bingo!”

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Fruit and Veggie Bingo Game with FREE Bingo Cards
August 12, 2019
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