Printable Store Bingo Game

Printable Store Bingo Game

Printable Store Bingo Game

This bingo game is great for kids to play as they learn what items go with what stores. Follow the steps below to play the fun bingo game!

Bingo with Stores

Cut out the cards with the products from these stores.

Pass out the large cards to the children. Then, place the small cards in a bag, or turn them upside down on a table.

Take out one card with a product on it, name the item in the picture and then the children need to figure out which store sells it--the grocery store, shoe store, clothing store, or furniture store.

If a child has the store card they can put a chip or bean over it.

Whoever covers all the stores up first, wins!

Furniture in the pictures: armchair, wardrobe, table, chair, dresser with mirror, dresser, bed, couch

Groceries on the cards: meat, drinks, cheese, peanuts, fish, loaf of bread, bananas, apples

Clothes in the pictures: jacket, hat, jeans, shirt, dress, shorts, skirt, purse

Shoes: Slippers, rain boots, loafers, ballet flats, sneakers, boots, heels, keds

You can download this game for free by adding a post with your own photos of a lesson to the site. More details can be found here.

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Printable Store Bingo Game
February 20, 2021
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