Printable Themed I Spy Game Worksheets

Printable Themed I Spy Game Worksheets

Printable Themed I Spy Game Worksheets

These worksheets are great for playing a game of I Spy with your child!

They feature different themes that can easily be incorporated into taking about that subject or simply done to break-up the day and do something exciting! You can print and laminate the sheets so that they can be reused multiple times as well. To do the I Spy game you simply need to state something you see on one of the themed sheets--"I spy something pink that likes to play in the mud"--and then help your child to find what you were talking about (a pig on the farm-themed worksheet).

Themed I Spy Game Worksheets

The following I Spy Game Worksheets have a theme of the Farm, the 5 Senses, the Sea, and Spring. They can each be done separately or multiple ones at once for an extra challenge!

How to Download the Files

This entire file package can be downloaded completely for free. Just click here for details.

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Printable Themed I Spy Game Worksheets
April 6, 2020
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