Bingo with Thai students

Bingo with Thai students

Bingo with Thai students

Objective – To improve listening. and writing vocabulary Activity Skills – Listening Skills and Writing Skills How to play

1. The teacher distributes a 5×5 Bingo grid to the students.

2. Teachers and students jointly define a topic to play such as number, fruit, food, etc., only 1 topic.

3. Students write the words in the table.

4. The teacher randomly selects the words and reads them to the students.

5. The student crosses the word for that word. When the student crosses all 5 squares in a row, shout out loud “Bingo.” The student is the winner of the game. and is the end of that round

If teachers or parents want to find activities to do with children but little time making it impossible to go out to do activities outside the home. We try to find games that can be played with children in the house. But if you still don't know what game to play The author recommends a board game like Bingo. Because it's easy to play The rules are not complicated. Even a child can play. Plus, there's no need for any strategy or planning to play. (Only relying on pure good luck) can play from 2 or more and most importantly, this activity is suitable for parents who do not have much time. Because it doesn't take long to play each round, there are 10-15 minutes to play.

Bingo with Thai students
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Bingo with Thai students
July 2, 2021
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