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Members of the family

Members of the family

The learners will click on the pictures and drag it to the proper name of the members of the family.

1. The first picture is the mother in a family.

2. Second picture is the baby sister in a family.

3. Third one is the big sister in a family.

4. The fourth one is the big brother in the family.

5. And lastly, the picture of the father in a family.

The learners will just drag the picture in the posted name in the apple tree or apple fruit.

"Tatay" is the tagalog term in FATHER, while "Nanay" is MOTHER. In addition, the "KUYA" or the BIG BROTHER, while "ATE" or BIG SISTER and lastly, "BUNSO'' or the BABY in the family.

Once a learner is done in this interactive activity, they can use their email and send their answer to their teacher. On the other hand, they ca directly pass it to the teacher and wait their score that will appear in the upper part of the activity sheet.

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Members of the family
September 2, 2022
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