Craft for Making a Family Tree

Craft for Making a Family Tree

Craft for Making a Family Tree

They made family trees at Building Kidz School of Palo Alto! Often a, "Family tree," is a term for when you list-out all the relatives you have as it creates a, "Tree," of sorts. The children at this school, however, made a literal tree out of craft supplies with apples on it that said the name of the student and all their relatives!

Materials needed for this craft

To make your own family tree you will need the following:

*A large white sheet of paper

*Green paint (acrylic or tempera works well)

*Brown, red, and green construction paper




*Paintbrush (optional)

How to make this craft

To create your own family tree follow these steps:

1. Use your scissors to cut a trunk-shape out of the brown construction paper.

2. Use your scissors to cut little circular apples out of the red construction paper.

3. Use your scissors to cut leaves out of the green construction paper.

4. Take your green paint and use your hands or a paintbrush to smear a big green circle in the middle of the paper--this is the treetop.

5. Wait for the paint to dry.

6. Glue your trunk under the treetop.

7. Glue your apples and leaves that go on the apples into the treetop.

8. Wait for the glue to dry.

9. Write the names of yourself and all your relatives upon your apples.

10. You've made a beautiful family tree!

Source for photos: Building Kidz School of Palo Alto

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Craft for Making a Family Tree
January 26, 2021
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