Summer Family Gardening Series

Gerryann Barros
Summer Family Gardening Series

Summer Family Gardening Series

we have started a great family gardening series focusing on Composting, Importance of Seeds, Eat a Rainbow, Amazing Succulents What’s Botany?, Fruit vsVegetables, Peacefulness and Gardening Fresh Air and Exercise. All ages welcome however age group mainly is 4-11 yr olds and their mother with a few fathers joining us. - 100% free to the public. All volunteers. Not only are the kids Lear I g so much but the parents too. We have 100% attendance every time and even adults without kids come to sit and learn. We plan to continue year round if the volunteers are able to continue. It’s been great for the community. Great response from families and learning experience for all. Goals are to assist in self reliance, gain knowledge and share with others Your printable activities will be a great asset to the program. They are top quality and some are a perfect addition to our topics. Thank you so much for sharing these with us for our families.

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Summer Family Gardening Series
July 14, 2022
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