Gardening-Themed Centers

Gardening-Themed Centers

Gardening-Themed Centers

At Sioux City Preschool Initiative Program, they learned all about gardening and worked in centers dedicated to how we care for plants.

Flower shop dramatic play

The kiddos had one center dedicated to doing dramatic play where they pretended to engage in running a flower shop. Children, "Bought," flowers and gifted them to their friends!

Worm discovery center

The students examined and played with worms in a discovery-themed center. The slimy creatures were fascinating to examine.

Building insect homes

Everyone had fun at the block center building homes for (toy) insects! The kids used their architectural know-how to design and put together some fantastic homes for the insects. It was a great time doing all these centers!

Source for photos: Sioux City Preschool Initiative Program

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Gardening-Themed Centers
August 19, 2021
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