Emotion Expressions

Kornelia K
Emotion Expressions

Emotion Expressions

For the teacher it is very important that children can get to know their emotions and and opportunities to develop their skills from an early age, the work cards help to recognize them and learn them through fun. On this page we will find many help, on various topics, and it very helps to work with children so that every noe class is boring. The teacher’s work is exciting, making it easier to find new teaching assistance and varies every lesson. From a young age, the development of the child should be supported and disseminated at many levels. I preparer lessons about emotions this week for children and I like the proposals from teachesmag. Thank you for preparing and making accessible content for us it’s very helpful.

For a past few weeks we made ice creams from cotton pads and using pipettes and paint they decorate them with favourite flavours of ice creams:) We learned about colors and counted ice cream balls following the holiday trend.

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Emotion Expressions
July 11, 2023
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