"How Do You Feel Today," Emotion Expression Worksheets

"How Do You Feel Today," Emotion Expression Worksheets

"How Do You Feel Today," Emotion Expression Worksheets

Emotions are a very complex thing. Sometimes they can be difficult for young students to express or put into proper words. By using this mat you can have your students tell you how they are feeling every day you see them. You can use this when they come into the classroom, during class if they need help expressing an emotion, and/or at the end of the class!

Emotion Worksheets

You can laminate these mats (or put them in a sheet protector) and then use them with an erasable marker or even Play-Doh! Then, your students can use these mats over and over again. This is a great way to ask how your students are feeling.

These mats can be great to talk about different emotions if students are having a problem with expressing themselves or putting their emotions into words. You can talk with your students about emotions or show them a video online and then have them illustrate the emotions they are aware of or are themselves feeling.

How to Download for FREE

You can download these mats completely for free! Just click this link and then follow the directions!

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"How Do You Feel Today," Emotion Expression Worksheets
October 16, 2021
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