Printable Emotion Faces Activity

Printable Emotion Faces Activity

Printable Emotion Faces Activity

These emotion faces are easy to print and use to talk about our feelings with students and how faces can often represent our emotional state.

These Printable Emotion Faces are wonderful to use for an Emotions and Feeling Activity like this one also on our site.

These printable faces include the following ones below.

Happy Emotion Face

When we are feeling happy we often show we feel good by smiling, laughing, and making joyful sounds like, 'Hooray!"

Sad Emotion Face

During the times we are feeling sad we might frown, cry, and ask to be left alone until we feel better.

Surprised Emotion Face

At a moment where we are surprised we might look shocked, a little scared, and our hearts also might feel like they are beating really fast!

Angry Emotion Face

The times when are feeling angry can make us look intense and shaky. We might feel hot or like we want to yell.

Discussing these Emotions

Printing-out these emotions and doing an activity with them or simply talking about the feeling they represent can be a fantastic way for young students to learn how to put words to how they are feeling at times they might have an emotion but lack the right word for it.

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Printable Emotion Faces Activity
September 29, 2019
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