Creating Paper Plate Faces

Creating Paper Plate Faces

Creating Paper Plate Faces

At Lawrence Public Schools Early Childhood Program, they created paper plate faces based upon their own visage. It was so much fun to make self-portraits out of paper plates, paint, pipe cleaners, and construction paper.

Materials needed for this project

To make paper plate faces you will need the following:

*Paper plates


*Paint of various skin tones--white, brown, black, etc.

*Construction paper of various colors for eyes, nose, and lips

*Pipe cleaners that look like your hair



How to make a paper plate face

1. Take your paper plate and paint it with your skin tone color.

2. Wait for the paint to dry.

3. Use your scissors to cut out paper to represent your eyes, nose, and lips.

4. Glue your facial features upon your paper plate.

5. Glue your pipe cleaners to the top of the plate to represent your hair.

Source for photos: Lawrence Public Schools Early Childhood Program

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Creating Paper Plate Faces
September 13, 2021
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