Paper Plate Ladybugs Craft

Paper Plate Ladybugs Craft

Paper Plate Ladybugs Craft

At Montes Family Child Care they made ladybugs out of paper plates that the kids painted and then glued other ladybug body parts onto! It was a colorful activity and everyone enjoyed it a bunch!

Materials needed for this craft

To do your own paper plate ladybug you will need the following:

*Paper plate

*Black construction paper

*Red and black paint--acrylic or tempera work well




How to do this craft

To make your own paper plate ladybug follow these steps:

1. Take your paper plate and decide which part will be the top of the ladybug.

2. Get your black construction paper and cut out a circular head and two antennas for your ladybug.

3. Glue the head and antenna to your paper plate.

4. Paint your paper plate red everywhere except for leaving circles that you will paint black.

5. Paint black in the circles you left so as to make the ladybug's spots.

6. Wait for the paint to dry.

7. Show everyone your paper plate ladybug craft!

Source for photos: Montes Family Child Care

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Paper Plate Ladybugs Craft
March 30, 2021
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