Paper Plate Spider Web Craft

.Emily Davis
Paper Plate Spider Web Craft

This fun and easy spider craft is great for kids and at Crescere Kids School in Portland, Oregon they loved doing this craft activity which is stellar for motor development.

Should you have a pompom spider that needs a spooky perch this will surely fit the bill and younger kids especially will enjoy doing this lacing activity; check-out the directions below!

Crescere Kids School

Portland, Oregon

How to Make the Spider Web Craft

First you will need to have a paper plate, a hole-punch, scissors and white yarn (or a different color if you want a wild-looking web).

Cut-out the middle of the paper plate with scissors

At the edges of the paper plate make multiple hole punches across from each other.

Now, begin threading the yarn from edge-to-edge so that it looks just like an intricate spider-web.

Once the web is done you can tie a little knot in it to make sure the web stays together

Now you have a really cool and super-spooky paper plate spider web craft!

This paper plate spider web is just the thing when you have a pompom spider which needs a spooky perch! Younger kids in particular will enjoy the lacing activity.

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Paper Plate Spider Web Craft
October 31, 2019
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