Making Leaf Faces

Making Leaf Faces

Making Leaf Faces

At Harbor House Preschool and Kindergarten the Pre-K class made faces out of construction paper and leaves!

Materials needed for this craft

To make your own leaf face you will need the following:

*Construction paper




How to do this craft

To make your leaf face follow these steps:

1. First, gather leaves from outside, get a variety!

2. Once back inside, take a piece of construction paper and lay it down to be the one you mount everything on.

3. Take another piece of construction paper and cut it into the shape of a head.

4. Glue your head onto the mounting paper.

5. Use your hands and scissors to cut and rip the leaves into shapes that look like parts of a face. You can make ears, a nose, a mouth, eyes, and more!

6. Glue your leaves onto your head to make the face.

7. Wait for the glue to dry and show everyone your leaf face!

Source for photos: Harbor House Preschool and Kindergarten

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Making Leaf Faces
October 19, 2021
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