Leaf Man Craft for Kids

Leaf Man Craft for Kids

Leaf Man Craft for Kids

At Little One's Preschool, they read the fun book, "Leaf Man," about a man made out of leaves. Then, the class made their own leaf man as a fun craft that all the kids enjoyed!

Materials needed for the Leaf Man craft

To create your own leaf man you will need the following:

*Red, orange, yellow, and brown construction paper for cutting

*White construction paper for mounting




How to make the Leaf Man craft

Follow these steps to make your Leaf Man

1. Take your red, orange, yellow, and brown construction paper. Decide what color you want Leaf Man's head, body, arms, and feet to be.

2. With your markers, color-in Leaf Man's face on his head, torso on his body, his hands, and his feet.

3. Cut out Leaf Man's body parts.

4. Cut out additional pieces of construction paper to be extra leaves.

5. Glue Leaf Man's body to the white construction paper.

6. Glue the extra leaves around Leaf Man.

7. Wait for the glue to dry and show everyone your Leaf Man craft!

Source for photos: Little One's Preschool

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Leaf Man Craft for Kids
October 14, 2020
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